Coronavirus Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to adjust our business dynamics in order to best serve our clients. As members of one of the hardest hit communities in the nation, we are encountering challenges that none of us could have expected just a few months ago. Our highest interest is in protecting our loved ones, co-workers, and clients.

Please be assured that, in addition to protecting and preserving everyone’s health, Bighorse & Associates’ top priority is to take excellent care of our clients!

Our office will be closed to the public during this COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the gravity of the situation and want to assure all clients that we are taking appropriate measures aimed at keeping you well-served. We also want to ensure the safety and health of both our clients and our staff.

While we will continue to operate during normal business hours, we are taking the following protective measures in light of the current public health emergency:

  • Our primary physical location in downtown Tacoma will be closed to the public; however, calls and emails will still be answered like usual.
  • Essential staff are equipped to effectively work from home. All staff members will perform their duties from their home office workstations in order to comply with the shelter in place order.
  • As a client, the only difference you will experience is that you will not be able to meet with your support staff in person.
  • You are still able to call the office and be transferred to any team member you need to speak with. If you have questions or concerns, email your attorney and/or paralegal, or call the office to schedule a call.
  • If it is absolutely necessary to bring items or physical documents to the office, please call ahead and let our staff know, so someone can meet you at the front of the building.

We are using telephone and video conferencing alternatives to in-person meetings. Please let us know if you have Skype or FaceTime capabilities, and we’ll ensure that your team is available via these methods.

We are monitoring the status of the courts on a daily basis and keeping our clients aware of how any changes may affect their case.

Although we are yet to see the full scope of the impact of COVID-19, there is no doubt that there will be family law issues that rise to the surface with which our clients will need our help: school closures, unusual child care demands, availability for visitations, medical decisions and income changes due to lack of work are among those that immediately come to mind, all of which could become contentious issues before the court. Our attorneys are dedicated to the practice of family law and will continue to tackle whatever legal issues you may face during this time of crisis.

This is proving to be a troubling time for many in our community. Please be assured, we are leaders and problem solvers, and we’re being proactive so that our clients, our staff, and our community have needed support.

Best Regards,

The Attorneys and Staff at Bighorse & Associates, PLLC